Stirling Capital’s approach to property investment and development is carefully considered
and is backed by many years of experience and strong industry relationships.


Our core investment principals are:

  1. Single asset investments – providing transparency and a greater ability to manage risk;
  2. Buy well and in the right location – in order to maximise returns and attract prospective tenants and buyers alike; and
  3. Create value – utilising the skills and knowledge of our executive team.

By applying an integrated approach we are able to leverage the end-to-end capabilities and expertise of our management team to assess and evaluate each investment opportunity.

Our strategic yet flexible approach allows us to develop a broad range of development projects. Each project is carefully assessed and subject to thorough financial and risk analysis. Our overarching aim is to ensure the development and financial objectives of each opportunity are met.

Our management team participates alongside our investment partners and looks to retain property within many of our developments. This demonstrates a commitment to alignment of interests, while ensuring accountability to perform and deliver optimum returns.

We are also committed to keeping investors regularly updated and informed about the progress of their investment.

We value and continue to build on our well-established relationships with investors, financial institutions, consultants, builders and local councils who all contribute to ensure the success of our projects.